Gallery 1 historical & archaeological illustration

          Puntites before Queen
      Hatshepsut  1495 BC. W/C
  Peter the Great at the Battle of   
              Poltava. Line 
             The historic Nile.              W/C & airbrush

Tuthmose III. Line

              Empress Itegue Taitu at
          the Battle of Adwa 1896. W/C
              Fidel & Mengistu. Line
         Hadrian. Half-size replica
              in cold-cast bronze.

Entry of the Ark into Aksum. Iconic style in egg-tempera and gold leaf.

    David & Jonathan icon.  
 egg-tempera & gilding

                 Antinous Osiris
           Reconstruction. W/C
           Pectoral, 18th Dynasty. 
         Michaelangelo's modello
                     for David.
             S/S replica in resin.
        Plaque in cold-cast bronze
      after 25 years in the open air.

Magdala, Ethiopia. Emperor Tewodros II, capital. Destroyed by the British in 1868.
W/C painting.